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Dexter's Mother inside gallery


ElastiGirl II
I am adding this for my mom so if it isn't right then I will ask someone for help. She had been working on this a while and just needed the drawings which were supplied recently by the movie so I hope we are not doing any infringement issues. Mom had written this with a lot of errors which I helped her with and hopefully it will make sense. She will return soon, maybe not in 'full throttle' but good enough for the time being as they say. I am adding her 'hugs' as it is her trademark and none of this story was mine, just corrections & simple editing. Luv from Susan and Patty xoxox  PS There is another version that is somewhat different as the crows fly. I'll try to include it also soon as I finish editing
Lois Griffin Closet Admirer
She knew someone was hiding in the closet and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who it was. With her husband and family going to the nearby Theme Park for the day & her opting out so she can work on her tan that left only one person & he had been following her around like a puppy dog ever since their vacation began here in Florida. Mrs Lois Griffin sighed softly thinking: "Oh Chris, it was cute when you were only 4 & 5 but as a teenage boy it's a bit unsettling that you have the hots for your mother." Walking towards the hotel room's closet she was about to open the door & chastise her son but a smile spread across her face thinking: "I can't really blame the boy for lusting after me. After all, I'm the hottest milf in the neighborhood & all his friends desire me along with all the men." Instead of opening the door any more than the inch slit it had been opened for him to peek at her she decided to give him a show since he'd been cooped up in the closet ever since her shower maybe an hour ago. Besides what harm could it do, she justified her bending over to tease him, he's only a young boy who has the sexiest mother in history. The poor boy needs to be rewarded and she would spend the day driving him crazy with lust like he deserved but at least hidden in the closet he'd be able to relieve himself.

Inline image It's not that Lois thought herself to be the most beautiful woman in the world but she was damn near the best & definitely in the Top Ten, despite her nose which she was never happy about but with her bodacious body and sexual personality no male could resist her charms, not even her own son. So instead of going out & showing off to all the Spring Break college kids Lois Griffin decided that she'd stay inside and tease her son mercilessly.
It's not like there was anything wrong with that, right? It wasn't incest since she wasn't planning on it to go any further. As long as he behaved himself when she took her nap later on, with her naked on the bed, that was innocent enough, she thought. All the college boys can wait a day for her to party with them so she can have them all drooling & ogling her sexy body. "Not bad for a mother of three, boys" she thought would be her introduction to the dozens of college boys who already noticed her.

No, Mrs Lois Griffin did not consider herself vain, just blessed with a body & looks that just was irresistible to males. "Just look at my son, I am so sizzling that my own teenage son desired me so I have to be a GODDESS", she thought, "right?"

This is a manip from my friend's d/A site & please visit him at Thank You! hugs!! Susan xox
Helen Parr 26 03 By Trzaraki
Helen Parr had no idea that her recent behavior was caused by a secret mastermind behind the scenes & that there was a big danger to her family. No one knew that Syndrome survived the cape-pulled-into-the-jet incident hidden by the vapors his ignited cape caused thus allowing him to hide out in a secret location known only to him. From that moment he knew what he had to do to defeat the Incredibles and that was to separate them since their fantastic power and success resulted from their combined abilities. All Buddy Pines had to do was wait while he amassed his fortune that he stored away in hundreds of the hidden bank accounts so that he could finally destroy his arch enemy & nemesis Mister Incredible, Robert Parr.

When Syndrome discovered what Winston Deavor was doing, trying to restore the Supers back to favorable opinion in the eye of the Public he quickly saw that the rich tycoon had the hots for ElastiGirl, something he could use to destroy the team that defeated him. Buddy himself was not interested in Helen Parr although he would've gladly taken Mrs Parr to bed just to add further humiliation to her husband Mr Incredible which would be a huge defeat for Robert Parr. Laughing he suddenly realized how he could kill 2 birds with one stone or rather in this case, 5 Supers with one masterful blow, all named Parr but first he would have to finish the two formulas he was working one, one needing ElastiGirl's DNA to make it personal.

The other formula was nearly completed & so far his tests were all successful, he just wanted to improve it so it lasted longer. Then it hit him: he had Helen Parr's DNA on the one mangled claw of the Omnibot she helped destroy. The giant robot had a piece of her costume and hair when it grabbed her in it's big metallic hand so with that in mind he set to work adjusting all the molecular DNA to only activate on her alone. There! It was finished & with the other formula needing a tiny tweak to enhance the sexual performance of the 5 guards who would be selected to distract Mrs Incredible in her hotel room after she was hit with the extremely unique selected super version of Syndrome's Ecstasy the first phase of "DAP" would begin. His devious & cold plan to Destroy All Parrs would work without a doubt. His cruel smile sent the message that he was ready to start it.

First he had to make sure ElastiGirl had a slow day with crime fighting & for that he knew that it had to seem like a major bust that would result in some 'downtime' for her. Buddy had just the perfect thing in mind, all it would require is him sacrificing one segment of his global operation so that the authorities along with Helen would think that the tip she had from a reliable source really devastated the criminal organization operating in that part of the country, one that would be as far away from her family so her going home afterwards would not happen. Since Metroville was a small city in the Midwest the crime would take place in Perth, Australia so that it would require at least 26 hours by commercial airlines, perfect reasoning for ElastiGirl to stay the night. Even if she arranged a military transport it would still take off in the morning so she'd have to stay in her hotel room to rest up from her crime fighting ordeal and success of dealing the syndicate a major setback.

The tip had come from a reliable source, Winston Deavor had told her & when she landed in Perth Australia Helen knew she needed to scope out the area just to make sure it wasn't a trap. It'd be an elaborate one if it went past all of her benefactor's stringent security measures but it was still possible & she just had a 26 hour flight so she was antsy a bit. She smiled at that thought: benefactor, what he called himself, him first talking to Frozone then convincing her and Bob that she should be the spokesperson for the Supers in attempting to bring them back in good favor to the Public eye. It didn't take her long to figure out that he was more interested in her as a woman than her as a Superheroine but as long as Winston fulfilled his part of the bargain by doing his utmost to restore the Supers their good name and status with the Public then she could put up with his flirting. She kept him in check with her no-nonsense businesslike demeanor yet there was something about this situation she didn't like and her woman's intuition was up for some reason although she couldn't see anything amiss, other than Deavor's lust for her. Still, she could see that Winston's plan was working at least with the part of the Public she came in contact with & as long as his influence kept the police & Government agencies off her back while she did her crime fighting her way she was okay with his hanging onto her sleeve as they say. Besides a little flirting was harmless & she had to be honest, it had been a while since she & Bob were 'together' and she was lonely, nothing that couldn't wait til she got home to her husband.

5 hours later she was on top of the world having nabbed the local syndicate bosses and she basically single handedly shut down the entire Australian operation that included arms dealing and drugs, not to mention corporate extortion schemes and several other crimes. The raid was a multi-task force with several 3 & 4 letter agencies from various nations and ElastiGirl's involvement was instrumental in the dismantling of the major criminal element. The agents celebrated begging her to at least have one drink to share the success of the tremendous accomplishment of one less thorn in the battle of Good versus Evil & she relented to accommodate good relations with all of the various security agencies that would be helpful in the future to the Supers. She was rather pleased that several toasts were in her honor and Helen Parr had a few more than the one drink she had promised herself when she was talked into attending the celebration. Still she kept her head knowing when to stop & if it was just a little earlier she could have taken a flight back home however being it was 11:00 she'd have to wait til tomorrow.

The party was still going on when she excused herself & started back but on the way she saw 5 men who looked familiar and her attention centered on them. They saw her & smiled rushing towards her explaining that they had been henchmen with the secret base on the island that Syndrome used but when the facility blew up they surrendered to the authorities after hours of lengthy interrogations they were released upon good behavior & began their own private investigation & security guard group that were vested and supported by the US and other countries. When they told Helen that they were the henchmen who were with her when the doors closed on her body in three spots she blushed but laughed when they told her she beat them pretty well with various parts of her stretched body, impressing them although they were knocked out in the process. In fact if it was not for that they probably would not have been able to get off the island when they did, waking up hours later after the fighting was done & the explosions began. So they begged her to share at least one drink with them to let them show her their great appreciation for what she did saving their lives. She thought: "One more drink can't hurt. Besides I don't want to be rude to a newly reformed group of evildoers."

7 hours later her phone rang & it was her husband Bob who heard about the raid & wanted to congratulate her like the good husband he was & also wanted to know when she'd be returning. She spoke calmly telling him all worked extremely well and she was in bed since it was an extremely exhausting night. The 5 men in bed with her continued to service her body which amazed her not knowing they were all on Syndrome's super stamina energy sexual enhancement pills and that she herself had been drinking the very personal super version of Ecstasy which not only clouded her judgment but also ignited her sexual desires. Her body was still on fire & she was insatiable & was not thinking about her marriage or family or right & wrong even though her husband was on the phone with her. Feigning exhaustion she said goodnight & the customary "I love you" adding that she might have to stay another day to wrap things up with reports with the various agencies, all untrue.

Syndrome watched from his hideout knowing he would devastate Mr Incredible with this film. That would split the Incredibles up allowing him to defeat them easily. Without them fighting & using their powers together they could and would be stopped.
This drawing is from  TRZaraki's deviantArt site. Please visit him at thank You, hugs! Susan 


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Sue just couldn't believe this was happening, her being somehow transported from the safety of her home to this weird place, wherever it might be. Her force field went up immediately as she formed and looking all around her she felt a chill throughout her entire body. "BLASTAAR!!! YOU!!!!!!!" Susan concentrated to triple her force field & was ready for battle being in front of her was one of the Fantastic four's greatest enemies who's power, strength and attitude was an immense threat to the team as well as all Humanity.

Finding her voice she said: "So you are the reason why I've been whisked away from my home!!" which should have been impossible with all of Reed's safeguards installed. However when it came to all super villains where there's a will then there's a way, she thought. Something about this was not right, she thought seeing him stand there like this in a believe-it-or-not nonthreatening stance, his usual 'I AM ALL POWERFUL' normal demeanor.

Almost softly he said: "Tis true, I did transport you away from the accursed others who would interfere with what I have to say to you, Susan Storm Richards of Terra." Something about his tone relaxed her a bit enough to where she dropped her force field and stood vulnerable to him in a show of trust. "Fine, Blastaar, please tell me why I'm here" and Sue saw something in his face that was almost....."NOOO!! IT CAN'T BE!!!!" she thought but kept that from showing on her face. Not believing her eyes, against her better judgment she took a step forward and softly to him who was just a few feet away: "Please, Blastaar, tell me what's going on."

He slowly raised his hands towards her in an obvious attempt to show he was not threatening her & put his big hands on her shoulders: "Susan of Terra, you are truly an amazing female & totally uniquely special in ALL the Cosmos. Please accept this gift from me and I want to wish you a........." he was stumbling to search for a word that may not be in his language so she gave him a moment to try to translate whatever he was having trouble with. He lowered one hand and her mouth dropped open in shock as he brought up a box of chocolates in red foil paper with a heart on it and he said looking into her eyes: "if this is wrong then I know not what to add since my language has no such event." He actually gulped and whispered as nonthreatening as he could though his brutal harsh voice was not meant for softness: "Happy Valentine's Day, Susan Storm Richards."

Stunned, she stood there with her mouth still open and her eyes widened as he leaned in closer to her and she drew in a deep breath when his lips touched hers for a few seconds. It was sexual or lust but a respectful kiss & she felt so utterly weird when she did not pull away but found her lips kissing him back in that same unsexual or lustful fashion. His hand was still holding the gift but his other hand was still on Sue's shoulders in a soft tender light touch that sent shivers down her spine. It wasn't the animal touch that was characteristic of his race & Sue could not pull away enjoying the tenderness of his touch that sent a million messages throughout her body and her mind. Remarkably he was the one who broke contact with her & she did not detect any gloating in his eyes that he was superior over his nemesis Reed Richards. No what she saw was directed at her as a person & as a female, one of deep respect and also a longing for it to be different. She was immensely puzzled by all this & he handed her the box of chocolates noting there was another smaller box which he whispered softly: "For you."

Susan was frozen to her spot as he backed away from her & said: "This new transportation device will never be used against you or your team, Susan Storm Richards, this I swear to you along with my word. You need not even mention it of this incident to your......" he frowned & she knew he was going to say 'husband' but instead he said: "the others. No one but us will be aware of what happened here today however I reserve the right to have it utilized again in a year on this......." struggling with the translation Sue smiled & said: "holiday". He nodded his gratitude & as he activated the device he said: "Susan Storm Richards of Terra, know this: if your marital or your romantic status ever changes I am here for you." Sue nodded her head & blew him a kiss that had him blushing and she knew this would never ever be topped in her experiences with aliens throughout the Cosmos.

Image result for blastaar of marvel Image result for sue storm marvel

Sue felt the weird pins & needles effect of the long range transporter swirl around her body and a moment later she stood in her bedroom where she was plucked away from. She took a step wondering how she was going to explain this to her husband when she felt the weird swirling engulf her body, a smile on her face thinking: "Oh, Blastaar, you old softie you! Wanting more of......" Her thoughts froze as she formed & she saw a figure striding towards her & immediately erected her force field. Of all people to whisk her away, again, it had to be Kl'rt none other than the superskrull himself, one of the most powerful & dreaded enemies of the Fantastic Four & of Sue.

  Image result for marvel super skrull Kl'rtImage result for sue storm marvel  Image result for sue storm marvel Image result
Her force field would hold against his attacks, at least for a while, until she could send word to Reed & the rest of the FF & she knew their last encounter was one where she narrowly escaped with her life so she was ready for anything he threw her way. Almost anything she found out a moment later after she thought: "What the hell's happening today? Is Rod Sterling in town & forget to tell me?!!" Reaching for her emergency beacon she saw a smile cross his face as he said: "There's no need to summon the others, Mrs Richards, I've no qualm or with you today." He waved his hand and voided her force field & said: "both our powers are neutralized here, Susan. You have no need to fear me. I give you my word as a skrull & as your......" he hesitated as he said: "as one bearing gifts to you this day." Susan almost felt dizzy, not from a weapon or side affect from whatever was being used to nullify her power but from the second strange event of the day.

"What........." she found herself having trouble finding her voice: "what do you want?" He stepped forward & she automatically stepped back, crouching in a battle stance in a hand-to-hand combat pose and he stopped moving towards her, a puzzled expression on his face. "I said that I mean you no harm, Mrs Richards, & I swear this with all of the pride of me being a Skrull warrior." She relaxed slightly & nodded for him to approach but she dropped into a battle stand & tightened again seeing him reach into his pocket to take out a.....and thought: "OMG!! NOT HIM TOO!!!!" What she saw was two packages in red foil again and she had no doubt that his next words would have 'gift' somewhere in there. "Susan of Earth, I would like to present you with these gifts from your world since nothing like these exist in mine. Ours is a warrior caste whereas yours is not. Please accept these 3 small items as a gift on this day of holidays." Sue's mouth did a repeat of a few minutes ago with Blastaar and she wondered what entity in the Cosmos was pulling a prank on her of this magnitude. He walked slowly towards her in what he intended as a non-menacing stride & she said: "Kl'rt, are you feeling okay today? Do you detect any strange influence?" For once she was actually concerned for her super powered foe.

A smile came to his face, not making him the least bit less threatening appearing however he slowly touched her arm & said: "You were always so......" his expression softened, if that was even possible as he continued: "tender and caring, a virtue my race finds....." Sue could tell by the formation of his mouth that 'disgusting' was probably the word he was going to say however he apparently felt it wasn't appropriate here so he said: "not as appealing as you Earthings." She was surprised he said it without the distasteful sound he had always used it before and she said in a warm soft tone: "Kl'rt, please listen to me. I don't know what's going on but I think there is an alien entity affecting you. I just had a similar experience with Blastaar & he's always been a sworn enemy with the Fantastic Four & all Humanity. Something is happening that I can't explain and you need to be aware of anything that might be affec.....OH!!!!!" She stopped talking when his lips pressed on hers, not forcefully but in a tender gesture of a lover or suitor for her affections.

For the second time that day she did not pull back from the person kissing her, not wanting to upset him but she found her lips meeting his in a somewhat different type of kiss than Blastaar's, the super Skrull's more hungrier yet not in the breeding sexual forceful way typical of his race. When his free hand circled her waist and slid up her back she felt a thousand pinpricks that were far from the effects of the transporter & she leaned in closer to him not breaking his kiss. She thought: "OMG!!! NOOOO! I'M BEING INFLUENCED BY WHATEVER FORCES ARE MAKING BLASTAAR AND KL'RT DESIRING ME!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!  I HAVE TO STOP THIS MADNESS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!!" Sue kept on kissing him as his hands softly caressed her back and as she pressed her body against his she felt his very impressive bulge, not pulling back one bit. She forgot they were enemies & forgot all about her marriage & husband & family as her body pressed even more against the super Skrull's body and she knew that all was lost. It didn't improve any when she felt her body on it's own accord rub against Kl'rt's much bigger very hard body & they both knew that she was his for the taking. Susan did not wonder if she herself was being influenced somehow & if she had she would realize that she didn't care if she was or not, all she wanted right now was to touch & be touched by Kl'rt who would normally be her adversary & thought: "Not today he's not! He's a man & that's what I need!!"

Sue was stunned, disbelieving that he was pulling away from her when she thought he should be picking her up & carrying her off to a bed however he leaned towards her from a few feet away & said: "Yes, you're right, I feel an influence on me, on my mind & I must say that I noticed you are acting differently too, Mrs Richards. I do want you very much but not like this." He gave her the two gifts & she was shocked for a moment thinking he was so very wrong at what he was doing and he could have her right now. Anger built up suddenly & she said unkindly: "You said that you had 3 gifts! I only see 2." Leaning towards her she thought he was going to take her into his arms however he touched the smaller gift and said: "There are two items in here." Blushing now she pulled away and asked, her anger down: Should I wait until I'm returned home?" At this he told her that she could open them both if she wanted and when Susan saw the 2 diamond earrings she thanked him wondering if there was a tracking device inside them like her husband did to her gold wedding band. For her safety of course, he had told her.

The second box was in her hand & she realized that the super Skrull mentioned there were 2 gifts in the box and she had to smile at this with him not realizing that earrings came as a pair but being he never shopped for a female or for jewelry he would not have known. Suddenly touched by this she leaned upwards to kiss him lightly on his rough lips whispering a soft "thank you, Kl'rt, they are beautiful!" The box in her hand was misleading because it was the size of a hardcover book and was filled with various colored tissue paper and she asked in a joking way if he wrapped it himself. It went over his head & he explained how he had to take the form of a human to shop for these items and when he'd asked a salesperson advice what gifts he could give to a very special woman she told him to try the jewelry department. The earrings alone must have cost several thousand dollars which Susan was polite enough not to inquire how he paid for them however her thoughts vanished when her digging revealed a ring in the mess of all the tissue paper: a huge diamond  engagement ring. Looking at it she saw Kl'rt drop to one knee in a typical romantic gesture of a soon to be fiance and he said to her: "Susan Storm Richards, if your marital status ever changes, will you marry me?" She felt so lightheaded that she felt herself passing out.
Hi everybody! I hope that I did this right although it's not my regular manip since my pld pc with the PAINT program is now a thing of the past sadly. So please try to overlook the differences with me trying to get my feet wet again with the manips. This is a silly story that I thought of, part of it influenced by my friends asking me for a Blastaar/Susan encounter so I thought being it is Valentine's Day that I'd throw in Kl'rt the Super Skrull. The underlining concept is that these three are being influenced by an unknown entity for whatever reason it has so whether there's a Part 2 is in the air. hugs! Susan xox
Mom wanted me to post this since she is having problems with her hand/eye coordination. So this is for all you cat lovers out there

  Hopefully whoever owns this will take it as Christmas spirit sharing love and joy and peace to all (lol Okay that's all I got, Mom was always better at this than I lol)
Mom wanted me to post this since she is having problems with her hand/eye coordination. So this is for all you cat lovers out there

  Hopefully whoever owns this will take it as Christmas spirit sharing love and joy and peace to all (lol Okay that's all I got, Mom was always better at this than I lol)


United States
Susan is now 54 years old and although not an artist has been known to manipulate drawings of artists who has given permission 4 her to do so in a story fashion.

Current Residence: KY USA


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